Please Give Us Your Feedback!

You find the event coverage on a memorable  IDSF World Ten Dance Championship just below this post!

This website is a first and informal experiment. In order to improve the concept of providing you with live online coverage on IDSF championships, your feedback is required. Please go to the top page in the right column – Feedback Requested – and take the poll.

Worth pointing out: this experiment follows the recommendations of the Olympic Congress held a few days ago in Copenhagen, DEN. Under the topic “Digital Revolution,” Martin Sorrell, the chief excutive of the media group WPP, urged the sports movement to generate more and better new media content in order to appeal to the young generation.

0,11410,1044-16941-156612-0-news,00“Allow young people ready access to the content that you create for them. The young people take their media habits with them, so if you are not part of their habit now – you most definitely will not be in the future,” Sorrell said in his keynote address . “You need to be present in the new media environments and have a credible voice, not restricting access through copyright. Let the children play!”


~ by SAI on 11 October 2009.

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