Feedback Requested


This website and this type of coverage on an IDSF World Championship have been the first “trial balloon.”

To improve the concept further, to ensure the best delivery of the information you are looking for, we kindly ask you to take the poll below. You are also encouraged to leave your comments.


2 Responses to “Feedback Requested”

  1. I think that the you’re doing a good job ith, websites like, the Italian dancesportinfo, take the most results from spaeker, maybe you need to put rss into

    I also think that a big federation, has to communicate also with websites like infoDANZA.COM, because all users of that websites are fidelity users. every weeks report results of idsf competitions, not strictly for dancers, like, but also for dance enthusiast, we upgrade the website, constantly like a blog, and also people who don’t know about dancesport, could be involved.

    So little websites like ours, or,, make free advertisement for the idsf organization, and other dancers organizations.

    We would like to do more for idsf, and idsf competitors and dancesport enthusiasts. We would like to be your voice, and to give visibility to the couples.

    Share you athlets databases, and results databases, to make an embedded database like the one of dancesportinfo, could be a good tool, for Us, Dancesport webmasters.

    Also share your videos, to put in our websites.

    Best Regards

  2. Hi!

    I liked it very very much and I will tell it to many other people and when you are doing this the next time (when?) I will post it on DancePlaza!
    Perhaps you could do this via Piet Rullens in advance, so many people know it earlier and could stay home for this.
    Also a remark and link on the organisers website would be a big help.

    That I don’t know when you will be doing this the next time, also is a sign that you need to do some communication-exercises!

    Don’t be disappointed, good work needs some time 😉
    People have to get the good news, they will talk about it, but also that takes time.

    So: keep it up!


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